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Momentum Services

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How We Work

Momentum Developmental Support, a program of Brightisle, provides care and community support to adults with disabilities with a strengths-based, trauma-informed approach. We have developed tiered living arrangements – because not everyone needs 24-hour care – engaging programming, which works to strengthen the skills base and interests for the individual.


We use the InterRAI-ID to confirm the level of care needed, plan individualized services, create realistic, attainable goals for the individual and review as clients needs change.


We utilize trauma informed, positive behavioural support strategies for our clients. Our team receives extensive training and continuing education to ensure they have the skills to support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


We are committed to constant innovation and improvement utilizing the specialized outcome monitoring software, ShareVision. This ensures secure management of client data while allowing us to measure and report on progress in real time.

Individualized Living Arrangements

Momentum offers Individualized Living Arrangements (ILA), a residential option for adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities (I/DD), who choose not to live with their families or guardians.

Individualized Living Arrangements allow for one-to-two individuals to share the same home with the support of a Home Manager who provides daily care in a supportive environment.

This long-term solution is meant to be a flexible program, striving to meet individual needs, while encouraging as much independence as possible.

Individualized Living Arrangements include:

  • 24-hour care in 12-hour shifts to ensure safety and to limit the overall number of people coming in and out of the home.

  • Homes are staffed by highly-trained Developmental Support Workers and services and programs are coordinated and overseen by a Home Manager – the immediate contact of the support worker, client, family members, and other professionals who support the client.

  • The opportunity for clients to be a part of their community to the extent that they desire, to experience structured skill and behavioral training, including independent living skills to allow those who are able to move on to lower levels of care.

Those eligible for ILAs are individuals who are 18 and older, unable to be left unattended, have a desire to live in such an arrangement, and when no other community residential option is available or appropriate.

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Supportive Independent Living

Momentum offers Supportive Independent Living (SIL) arrangements as a community-based option for adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities (I/DD). This semi-independent living option allows people with I/DD to take care of many aspects of their own day-to-day lives, but with some support from highly-trained professionals.

Supportive Independent Living arrangements include:

  • A shared-care model, staffed 24-hours a day in 12-hour shifts, by two highly-trained Developmental Support Workers, to ensure safety and to limit the overall number of people coming in and out of the home.

  • Developmental Support Workers accompany clients to community inclusion activities, vocation or education or day programs, shopping or other activities, and educate clients on use of public transportation.

  • SIL sites use the AMBA system to monitor all clients’ health and safety, as well as coming and going, whether staff are on or off site.

  • The opportunity for clients to maximize their independence in daily living including health and wellness, as well as routine daily tasks, to build and maintain relationships and connections with family and community, to recognize their own potential for continued personal development, and to delay or prevent admission to a staffed residential support option.

Those eligible for SILs are individuals who are 18 and older, are semi-independent, are able to respond in an emergency and can access crisis supports or use emergency response systems either independently or with available supports, can communicate their needs and preferences, and participate in decisions about their needs and activities and participate in individual assessment and support planning processes.

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Momentum’s Independent Living Philosophy

Momentum believes:

  • Individuals with I/DD should reside in the least restrictive residential option possible, utilizing their existing skills to maximize their independence.

  • Large institutional environments are not appropriate places for individuals with I/DD to live.

  • Residential living should enhance the future of the individual by ensuring inclusion in the community and facilitating greater independence.

  • Individuals with I/DD require supports and services to assist them in aspects of their daily living, and/or in acquisition of new skills.

  • Individuals with I/DD may require lifelong supports and services to enable independent living to the fullest extent possible.

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Emergency Placement Options

At Momentum, we know living situations can change significantly and quickly. In the case where primary caregivers (ex: parents) age, begin to have medical problems, or any other reason preventing them from providing care for their loved ones, Momentum can help.

In cases where the family or guardians can no longer care for their loved one with I/DD, Momentum maintains a limited number of options to support emergency placements. Placements are coordinated through the regional health authorities to ensure families as options for their loved ones’ care.

Get in Touch

At Momentum we work with your Health Authority to create a care plan based on the needs, lifestyle, and personality to match you with the right supports. Get in touch with us to discuss you or your family’s needs.

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